How to Keep Your Luggage Safe while traveling

How can you avoid having your bags stolen or tampered with? We’ve compiled a list of our best suggestions for keeping your possessions safe when travelling.

When it comes to keeping your luggage safe, there are two stages: planning the correct luggage before you go and utilizing it safely while on the road touring the world.

Carry your bags carefully

When traveling airport to airport, catching flights, or passing through Customs, be aware of the contents of your bags. Don’t offer to carry someone else’s belongings. This may sound obvious, but there have been numerous reports of naïve travelers attempting to assist a new travel partner only to end up carrying something unlawful. Make new acquaintances on the trip, but let them carry their own belongings.

Buy the right suitcase

Consider how much gear you’ll need (believe us, less is more) and then how many bags you’ll need. It’s a lot easier to travel around and keep track of one bag than it is to keep track of two.

Take a sturdy, hard-to-tamper-with bag and keep it tightly closed.

If you’re flying to the U.s, make sure your luggage lock meets their specific specifications – they can be unlocked by security agents using universal “master keys,” avoiding the need to cut your locks.

Carefully use zip ties

Zip ties are occasionally quite useful for ensuring that your bags aren’t tampered with, even though they don’t replace a strong lock. You can easily shut them off, but they make it difficult for opportunists to gain access.

The most frequent colors are black and white, but you could spice it up a little with some other colors for further recognition.

Don’t leave your bag alone

Always keep your luggage with you or have a trustworthy traveling companion mind it for you at the beach, in a café, or even in the airport lounge. Make sure your hotel room is safe and use the hotel safes if available.

And after leaving the hotel, if you want to room around for 5-6 hours and don’t want to book another room for just 5-6 hours then you can also think abou to get the services of luggage storage Amsterdam. It will always be advisable to get storage services to avoid any problem.

If you’re in a café or restaurant, wrap your bag’s strap around your chair leg or tie it to the table.

Keep your valuables on you at all times

What if you can’t keep your possessions with you and the only place big enough for your 90-liter rucksack is on the chicken-bus roof?

Take everything valuable out of your bag and place it into your daypack. Then secure your main bag as best you can with zip ties . Don’t complain about your overstuffed daypack exploding onto your lap for the next 15 hours. After that, consider how you’re going to travel light on your next vacation.

Keep your daypack secure

It’s far too easy for pickpockets to grab your belongings… or for them to fall out on the pavement if you leave zips open.